How to Activate PBS Channel Through Pbs.org/activate?

Enjoy full-length episodes of local as well as national PBS programming on streaming players. Without a cable or satellite subscription, viewers get to watch short clips and highlights of the content. But activate a compatible device along with a pbs.org/activate account to unlock all the videos.

Channel Interface

  • There are some really old and classic television series and a range of featured programming to choose from under the ‘Featured Programs’ option
  • Local affiliated offers and shows are available with a simple selection process from the affiliate station list
  • The other choices that users have are ‘Originals’ containing short videos, although not full-length TV shows, these are enjoyable web episodes
  • Go to ‘Staff Picks’ to watch unique videos from a range of other PBS shows
  • On PBS, content is constantly renewed
  • The expiry of a particular series or programming can be visualized under the ‘Expiring Soon’ category
  • The channel does not require any linking nor does it invite any account creation
  • But local PBS stations can communicate all programming information and community updates through an email address

PBS Channel Interface

  • Therefore, it is recommended to create an account
  • PBS also updates participants about their fund-raising initiatives

Streaming Devices

PBS is available on multiple platforms including the popular Roku, Apple TV, Android TV, Fire Stick and Chromecast.

Roku Media Player

  • A streaming player renowned for its vast choice of library and flexible platform, the Roku is a high-end device capable of even streaming HDR and 4K resolutions
  • The PBS Channel is hosted on the Roku Channel Store
  • Viewers have to reach out to the store or simply use the search criteria to find it
  • Select and then visualize the ‘Add to Channel’ and achieve the activation

Android TV

  • One of the primary features of the Android TV is its ability directly stream content without the requirement of an external streaming device
  • The cord-cutters ultimate luxury, the Android TV makes browsing for on-demand library extremely simple
  • The device comes with a ‘Recommendation Engine’, which is supported by Google
  • Make specific requests through voice or through typed texts to receive responses in Google’s Now-Style
  • Play games, download apps from the Google Play Store, an Android TV has it all

PBS on Android TV

  • To Activate PBS on Android TV, reach out to pbs.org/activate on a computer
  • Try to add the app and launch it to receive an activation code
  • Note that down carefully and enter it at the text box on the above link

Amazon Fire TV

  • Recently, Amazon released the Fire Stick 4K with the ability to render high-resolution 4K content
  • Additionally, it provides support for HDR10, Dolby Vision standard for HDR content including Dolby Atmos for sound
  • The device also throws in an improved and advanced remote control that contains volume buttons to control the television

PBS activation on Amazon Fire TV

PBS activation on Amazon Fire TV

  • After hardware configuration, the Fire TV provides a choice of adding Prime Video channels
  • Click on ‘No Thanks’ to proceed adding other channels and apps
  • Amazon’s main interface itself consists of innumerable choices
  • Look for PBS, download and then open the channel

Thereafter, reach out to the above link to activate with the help of an activation code that you see on the screen

iPad and iPhone

  • The iPad and iPhone are Apple devices and need little introduction
  • These handheld gadgets provide consumers with a range of functionalities, other than streaming PBS
  • To activate PBS on both the devices:
  • Go to App Store -> tap the magnifying glass at the bottom
  • Then click Search -> Type ‘PBS Video’ -> Click ‘Search’
  • Thereafter, select Cloud icon to download the app and click on ‘Open’ to launch it
  • Watch PBS without signing in by clicking on ‘Not Now’
  • To log in to an existing account or to create one, click on ‘Sign In’


  • Chromecast lets users stream from a phone or a computer into the TV
  • Viewers can economize on cable because Chromecast is extremely cheap
  • Directly insert the USB-type Chromecast device into the TV’s HDMI port
  • Thereafter, connect it to a power outlet – then press the ‘Input’ button to choose the port correctly
  • Ideally, the setup of the device itself is completed from a phone or a computer
  • Create an account at google.com/chromecast/setup, download and install the app
  • Open the PBS App to stream content and click on the ‘Broadcast’ button

Apple TV

  • The Apple TV 4K is an aesthetically pleasing gadget that has the ability to impress everyone who comes in contact with it
  • Achieving high-end minimalism in terms of design, it is also equipped with a voice-enabled remote
  • A touchpad attached on the remote, which means there are no visible directional buttons
  • Users only have to swipe to move left, right, up or down

Adding Passport to Apple TV

  • On a web browser’s address bar enter pbs.org/activate to activate the PBS app
  • After creating the PBS Passport account, it must be linked to the Apple TV
  • Open the app -> Click ‘Settings’ -> select ‘Deactivate’ or ‘Change Account’ – if it is an Apple TV 4
  • An activation screen appears with the message ‘Activate your Apple TV’ with some icons and displays
  • Click on it and a 7-character activation code appears with instructions for pbs.org/activate
  • Open a browser with the above link and enter the code and then select ‘Continue’

Signing in

  • Fulfill an additional ‘Sign In’ process with the PBS Account
  • The screen displays three different ways
  • Sign in with pbs.org/activate Account, Sign in with Facebook and Sign in with Google+
  • Thereafter, the device is automatically updated with the PBS Passport icon

PBS Passport – pbs.org/activate

  • Offered as a benefit to donors and supporters according to eligibility, PBS Passport provides viewers a wider choice of the on-demand library
  • It also gives them a chance to watch high-quality public television programming
  • Featuring episodes from popular shows, there are some signature series encompassed within the app as well
  • As part of the Passport Membership benefits, the channel is offered by local stations to their donors
  • Offering more than 1,000 shows PBS Passport broadcasts several seasons of these popular videos

PBS Passport

Call our agents for a comprehensive review, installation, configuration and activation of PBS with pbs.org/activate on any of the above-mentioned streaming devices.


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