10 Educational Games Videos Kids Will Love

The pandemic forced kids to stay at home, missing out on quality time spent in the company of friends in school or playing games outdoors. Instead of allowing them to spend hours on gadgets like the iPad, why not give them educational games to play? Video games with an educational purpose are created using stunning graphics and quality sound effects that will appeal to youngsters. They are intuitive and easy-to-navigate, and will ensure your kid’s brain gets all the stimulation and nourishment it needs. Similarly, apps for trading cryptocurrencies are well designed and come with a simple user interface. Today, numerous trading platform are available to help you out. You can go through the best trading apps review available to pick the best one.

Best educational video games for your kid:

  1. Sesame Street: Once Upon a Monster: Everyone has heard of the Sesame Street that aired on television and kept kids glued to the screen for hours. Today, you can buy video games by its creator for playing on the Xbox 360. It still has those same characters that your young ones adored. This storybook adventure lets your child learn how to work independently or even with a friend while playing. It shows him the value of teamwork, friendship and other valuable life lessons.
  2. Big Brain Academy: This game released by Nintendo for Nintendo DS is much loved by youngsters. It is for puzzle fans; if your kid is above 3 years and keen to solve puzzles, introduce him to this game for the perfect brain stimulation. Kids are free to compute, think, analyze, memorize, and identify types of puzzles they wish to play.
  3. My Word Coach: Your go-to- choice for improving your child’s vocabulary. My Word Coach was created by Ubisoft and is payable on Nintendo DS, any iOS platform, and even Wii.
  4. Scribblenauts: This game offers action and puzzle fund for the little ones; it was released by Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment. Your child plays as Maxwell and collects various items to pass levels. This is perfect for honing your kid’s spelling skills because he needs to write what Maxwell must get to win.
  5. Buzz Math: This middle-school mathematics video game is aligned with common core curriculum. Your kid must help Alfred who is an inventor to save Mathlantis, a disordered world by restoring its people’s math knowledge. Kids get to time travel to meet well-known mathematicians.
  6. Math Blaster: This is another highly-recommended game for honing your kid’s math skills. The game, created for Nintendo DS, helps your child to learn addition, subtraction, and the basic functions. It offers 20 levels where your kids can compete and save Blaster Corps Academy.
  7. Civilization: This is more than just a regular educational video game; it is a series teaching children how our world works. Ever since its launch in 1991 it has been regularly updated to engage new and old players. Civilization seeks to educate your kids about how their life’s choices/actions will have consequences.
  8. Professor Layton: This puzzle adventure offering is a series meant for Nintendo players and iOS devices. It’s a hugely-popular game series where your child gets to be an archaeologist-professor Layton to solve different mysteries with an apprentice Luke Triton.
  9. Endless Ocean: This is created for the Wii and kids can become scuba divers, diving into the underwater to find sunken treasure and marine life. Your child will know about dolphins, sharks, and manta rays as they play this game.
  10. Reader Rabbit: This has been there since the eighties and helps to impart essential language art skills to your kid. The game involves spelling, reading, and mathematics and can be played on Windows, iOS, and Nintendo devices. Your child meets Reader Rabbit in the game along with his animal pals and solves different puzzles.