All our privacy policies are representing our methods that we are implementing to store and collect the user data in a more secure way and the information is a confidential one.

Documents that we collect

In the meantime, we collect both official and personal information details from our customers such as Name, password and email ID details for troubleshooting services only. For the purpose of payment transactions only, we collect credit card and other billing details. The collected data will be further used for upcoming new services also if the user is eligible one.

Particularly, the device information we provide will help the users to understand their device specifications and helps to resolve the errors.


Our website authorities are not responsible one for the third parties threats and issues. Subsequently, the issue happenings are reported to the respective authorities and if we came to know that the cause for the issues are any of our users.

Copyright regulations

All the procedures and other data are only for the informational purpose for the users. No one is allowed to use the data for their personal use. In case of such issues, the respective copyright laws and actions will be executed.


We suggest the users make use of cookies to get more services for every search they make. It helps to provide more personalized services and bolster website productivity and traffic.

However, refer to all the above-mentioned privacy policies and rules prior to getting services from our website.