Are you interested to stream some of the top PBS series and PBS originals?  PBS passport service is available for PBS channel and offers access to the library of latest PBS Programs that are on demand. Get the PBS passport on Roku subscription and start exploring the world of entertainment with top educational shows and also classic movie collections.

PBS Passport on Roku

PBS passport library

The most streamed collections on PBS passport library include the latest PBS shows such as American Experience, American Masters, Antiques Road Show and a lot more

Program categories to watch

Apart from the shows the channel library also has the program collections that belong to different categories such as arts, science, history and a lot more

Streaming devices that support the service

The top and best streaming device models such as Roku, Apple TV, Chrome cast and Amazon Fire TV offers access to the PBS passport service

To get the PBS passport subscription

  • We offer the PBS passport for all the PBS subscribers
  • The customers should have the passport membership benefit to access the PBS programs
  • The channel stations that offer the PBS passport service recommend the members to donate few subscription charges yearly
  • Make a note that the subscription charges vary and depend upon the channel stations that you prefer

Select the compatible local station

Before you get the PBS passport subscription, it will be good if you contact the local station to get an idea about the eligibility. To know the availability of PBS stations suggest you go to the URL

PBS Passport Activation

Follow the below steps to activate PBS passport in a few simple steps

  • Firstly, you have to make a donation to your local PBS channel
  • Following this, the local channel or PBS will send you an email with the activation code
  • Otherwise, click on the ‘Click here to activate now’ option in the email
  • If you have the activation code, then using a browser, navigate to
  • Enter the activation code in the given field and click ‘Continue’
  • Subsequently, the activation screen will appear in the TV display
  • Log in using your PBS Account or make use of your Facebook or Google account
  • Once you have logged in, you can now assert your PBS passport activation

Do you come across issues using PBS passport on Roku

  • Pay the respective subscription charges to get PBS passport on Roku and if you end up with errors, we advise you check the PBS passport subscription
  • Pay the respective subscription charges to activate and access PBS passport service
  • Check and verify if the streaming device that you use is compatible to use the service
  • Reset the streaming device that you use and all most all the errors will resolve

To know more about PBS passport on Roku recommend you read the information available on Dialing the support number will transfer your call to executives and the PBS and Roku support that we offer is 24/7. Our toll-free +1-844-879-5200

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