Activation of  PBS Channel through Fire TV

Activating PBS on Fire TV consist of simple guidelines, and it is an effortless performance. All that you have to do is get the PBS app from the Fire TV app store, install it, activate it via fire tv, and sign in with Facebook or the PBS account. Moreover, create your PBS account before getting into the activation process. fire tv fire tv

PBS Channel on Amazon Fire TV

Yes! The PBS channel that offers education programs is now available on Amazon Fire TV. As nowadays, the channels have come to leading position due to its education tutoring, Fire TV has brought to its users the PBS channel. You can download the channel from the amazon app store.

How to Activate the PBS Channel on Amazon Fire TV?

The following guidelines can help you to activate the PBS channel on Amazon Fire TV:

  • Here you will also get the answer to the question How to download PBS App on fire tv?
  • At first, you must reach the Amazon app store to get the PBS channel app
  • After that, look for the PBS app among the to streamers
  • Moreover, also try inputting the name of the channel in the search bar
  • Secondly, choose the PBS app from the results and choose the appropriate option to download it
  • Now, you have to fire up the activation process of PBS on Fire TV
  • Secondly, access the app to receive a message stating the activation and choose to Activate Now
  • Similarly, activation guidelines will appear on the screen with 7 character link code
  • Further, reach your computer and access web browser to reach
  • In fire tv, key in the channel activation code and click Continue
  • Finally, you will be directed to a new page, prompting you to sign in with the Google or PBS account
  • Once after signing in, the activation process is complete
  • On the other hand, the device will perform an automatic update and start to watch PBS videos on your Fire TV

How to Login with the PBS Passport Account on Amazon Fire TV?

Execute the instructions below to login with PBS passport account on Amazon Fire TV:

  • Firstly, to login with pbs passport on fire tv, launch PBS channel on your device
  • Now, in the left side navigation, access the Settings menu
  • Next, at the bottom of the page, choose Change Account option
  • And then a box will display showing the account that you are using
  • Moreover, you have to click Log Out or Cancel
  • Secondly, a new option will display on the top to activate and click Activate
  • Prompts for activation will appear with the activation code on the TV screen
  • On the other hand, access a web browser and access fire tv
  • Enter the 7 characters PBS channel link code in the text box and click Continue
  • Further, sign in with Google or Facebook or PBS account
  • Finally, choose the same account that you made use while activating passport
  • Once completed with the signing in process, the channel activation is done

How to Watch PBS kids on Fire TV?

Make use of the line by line instructions below to watch PBS Kids on Fire TV:

  • First of all, on the Fire TV Home screen, choose the magnifying glass icon
  • After that, type PBS Kids channel in the search bar of the app store
  • Choose the PBS Kids video app from the results
  • Secondly, select Get Free to Download option
  • Enable the app to download and choose Open after the app downloads
  • Further, the app will open and ask you to activate the app
  • And now, you must open a web browser and reach Fire TV
  • Input the PBS Kids activation code in the text box and click Continue
  • Finally, make sure to login with the PBS account or Google account or Facebook account
  • This will complete the activation process, and you can begin to stream all your kids favorite shows

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