Encourage your kids to watch PBS channel and it’s the best gift to offer your kids. Entertaining programs are many on the channel. If you are a new user,let us help you with the channel activation using  and provide you few updates on the entertaining programs. Add the channel; activate it using the page pbs.org/activate roku and start to explore the entertainment collections on demand

Get the latest news updates watching PBS news hour. As more programs are updated, select the best one for your kids. Apart from the entertainment programs on PBS, we also have special programs to educate your kids, improve their skills and a lot more. Kids always love watching the top collections on PBS, latest videos updated on the channel and let us suggest the most watched and latest collections here

Latest program collections on PBS channel

Suggest you the most streamed & most watched programs such as American Experience, American Masters, Austin City Limits, Broadway or Bust, History Detectives, Great performances, Global Voices, PBS kid’s previews, Chasing the Moon, Nature, Independent Lens, A chefs life, Ancient Invisible Cities, The Mind of a Chef, Makers: Makers who make America ,The Mind of a Chef and a lot more

Apart from these,there are  lot of other shows too and you can refer PBS kids channel reviews, program schedule for further updates

pbs.org/activate roku

pbs.org/activate roku

PBS channel app for live streaming

Select the best one and let your kids watch it during their holidays. If live streaming is your choice, download & Install PBS app visiting the app store.

More about PBS channel

  • PBS channel belongs to the category, Movies and TV
  • Channel developer is PBS
  • It’s good that you need not pay any activation charges
  • For live streaming, we have the PBS channel app and you can visit the channel app store
  • Well known for the most popular entertainment and educational shows and your kids will never end up bored streaming
  • PBS passport,member benefit offered to all viewers from PBS stations to access the most watched & latest collections from PBS
  • With a PBS account, it’s easy to proceed with the activation and you can create one visiting the PBS account creation page
  • You will never end up bored watching the videos that belong to different categories such as history, news, science, technology, arts, science and a lot more

pbs.org/activate Roku guide

If the channel is new, read and understand pbs.org/activate roku  guide before you proceed

  • As the first and foremost step of pbs.org/activate roku, select a device for streaming and collect the preliminary requirements such as PBS account activation URL, PBS account, PBS channel activation code and a lot more
  • If Roku is your streaming gadget, add the channel visiting the channel app store
  • Wait for a while until the channel app icon appear on your device display screen
  • As PBS channel icon appear on your display screen, tap on it to make a note of the activation code
  • It’s a seven digit Roku channel activation code and suggest you to type the code by visiting this page http://www.pbs.org/activate
  • The very next step is to log in to PBS account and you can either use Facebook or Google account credentials
  • Customers who do not have an account can create one visiting the respective page
  • Login to the account and carry on with the pbs.org/activate roku steps

Create a PBS account

PBS account is required to proceed with pbs.org/activate roku and for PBS account creation, navigate to the account creation page and provide the required data

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email ID
  • Password

Once if you update all the information, tap on the Register Icon and wait until the account creation process is complete. Note down the account credentials. In case if you get stuck with errors streaming, recommend you to check the activation page and code that you use. Besides we have lot of other tips and tricks too and you can try executing one by one.

 Would you like to know the PBS channel activation  using pbs.org/activate roku? Suggest you to read the updates or contact our experts right away @ +1-844-879-5200.

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